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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate African American Center for Cultural Development Fund
Donate Albert A. Bennett Jr. Family Scholarship
Donate Allegany Area Historical Association Fund
Donate Allegany-Cattaraugus-Chautauqua Fund for Women
Donate Allegany-Limestone Schools Foundation Fund
Donate Allegany-Limestone Schools Foundation Fund, Academic Boosters Fund
Donate Allegany-Limestone Schools Foundation Fund, All Sports Boosters Fund
Donate Allegany-Limestone Schools Foundation Fund, General Fund
Donate Allegany-Limestone Schools Foundation Fund, Music Boosters Fund
Donate Allegany Nordic Fund
Donate Allegany Public Library Memorial Association Fund
Donate Allegany River Skate Park
Donate Allegheny River Valley Trail Fund
Donate Alyn J. Heim Music Scholarship Fund
Donate Anonymous II Fund
Donate Anthony and Gayle Iacovino Legacy Scholarship
Donate Archbishop Walsh/Southern Tier Catholic Schools Endowment Fund in honor of Luella Potter
Donate Arnold McHone Sr. Manufacturing Scholarship
Donate Barby Ried Social Fund
Donate Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels Future Fund
Donate Beautification Fund for Olean Community
Donate Ben & Rose Schwabenbauer Educational Scholarship
Donate Bernadette E. "Bernie" Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Donate Beth Todd Memorial Fund
Donate Betty Pappas Scholarship Fund
Donate Big 30 Athletic Fund
Donate Blount Library
Donate Bob and Barbara McCord Scholarship Fund
Donate Burt Scholarship
Donate BWB Food Drive Fund
Donate Caneadea Dam at Rushford Lake Fund
Donate Canticile Farm Endowment Fund
Donate Carol and Jim Stitt Operations Fund
Donate Carroll and Dolores Anstaett Gift Tree Fund
Donate Carroll and Dolores Anstaett Pfeiffer Nature Center Fund
Donate Carroll Anstaett Olean Little League Fund
Donate CASA-Trinity Agency Fund in Cattaraugus County
Donate Cattaraugus County/Gene and Charlotte Preston Fund for the Elderly
Donate Cattaraugus County Law Enforcement Fund
Donate Cattaraugus County Law Enforcement Project Lifesaver Fund
Donate Cattaraugus County Suicide Prevention Coalition Fund
Donate Cattaraugus County Trappers Memorial Scholarship
Donate Cattaraugus Gives Fund
Donate CCSO K9 Fund
Donate Challenger Learning Center Fund
Donate Charles E. Irving Fund
Donate Chautauqua Cattaraugus Board of Realtors Scholarship
Donate Chipmonk Community Hall Scholarship
Donate Christmas in Allegany
Donate Citizens Advocating Memorial Preservation (CAMP) Fund
Donate Community Fund
Donate Connie and Sandy Wolfinger Fund
Donate Continental 1 Corridor Fund
Donate Cuba Lake Area Young Sailors' Fund
Donate Dan H. Daniels Memorial Fund
Donate Daniel McCarthy Scholarship
Donate Daniel "Tiger" Krick Junior Golf Program Fund
Donate Deputy Wayne Krieger and Carol Krieger Scholarship Fund
Donate Don and Bern Holcomb Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Doris Reisner Endowment Fund
Donate Dr. Brian O'Connell Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Donate Dr. Donald A. Wormer Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Dream It. Do It. Cattaraugus County Fund
Donate Dresser-Rand Employees Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. Jafar & Helga Hamidi Fund
Donate Drs. Ahmad and Naheed Hilal Family Fund
Donate Elias Eade Jr. Scholarship
Donate Elisa B. Hughey Fund for the Arts
Donate Ellicottville Great Valley Recreational Trail Fund
Donate Ellicottville Skate Park Fund
Donate Elodine Swarts Baxter and Lena Conrad Swarts Memorial Scholarship
Donate Empire Animal Rescue Society (E.A.R.S) Agency Fund
Donate Erick Laine Entrepreneur Fund
Donate Erick Laine Lift Up Endowment Fund
Donate Eric Peters Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ernst Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Eva M. Taggerty Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate F. Donald Kenney Fund
Donate Fox Derwick Family Supporting Children in the Arts Fund
Donate Frank A. Martin III Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Fred G. Grace Memorial Scholarship
Donate Fred P. Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Gary D. Clements Fund
Donate Genesis House of Olean Fund
Donate Ginger D. Schroder Legislative District 3 Scholarship
Donate Glendorn Foundation Fund
Donate Golf "Fore" Heroes Fund
Donate Gregory D. Spring Perseverance Scholarship and Awards Fund
Donate Hamburg Track Scholarship Fund
Donate Higgins Memorial Golf Tournament Fund
Donate Hinsdale Alumni Association Memorial Scholarship
Donate Horse Resource Fund
Donate Hughey Family Award for Resilience
Donate Hughey Scholarship Fund
Donate Interfaith Caregivers, Inc. Fund
Donate Jack and Muriel Fogarty Memorial Scholarship
Donate Jack Reading Memorial Fund
Donate James A. and Joan E. Maguire Family Scholarship
Donate James R. Bryant Fund
Donate Jamie's Fund
Donate Jen DeLong Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate JF20 Scholarship Fund
Donate Jim & Gail Olson Mercy Flight Fund
Donate JoAnn Wehmeyer English Scholarship
Donate John Forrest Memorial Scholarship
Donate John J. Murphy Family Scholarship
Donate Jonathan Teuscher Scholarship
Donate Joseph and Cecily Higgins Scholarship
Donate Josephine S. Pepper Memorial Ag. Scholarship
Donate Kaleigh Wilday Endowment Fund
Donate Kathleen Loop Snyder Memorial Scholarship
Donate Kathy Jowsey Spirit Memorial Scholarship
Donate Kay & Oliver Williams/Rushford Endowment Fund
Donate Kay Pfeiffer Gerkin Endowment Fund
Donate Kids and Cancer Endowment Fund
Donate Kids and Cancer Fund
Donate Kothari Family Endowment Fund
Donate Kristen Hintz Memorial Scholarship Award
Donate Laine Family Fund
Donate Laura Whitford Fund
Donate Laurie Anzivine Memorial Scholarship
Donate Leadership Cattaraugus Scholarship Fund
Donate Lee W. and Jeremie I. Swartz Pitt-Bradford Scholarship Fund
Donate Lewis & Doris Reisner Endowment Fund
Donate Little Valley Fund
Donate Long/Vossler Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Louis A. "Louie" Magnano Scholarship Fund
Donate Louis W. Ensworth Charitable Foundation Trust Scholarship for Allegany-Limestone Central School
Donate Louis W. Ensworth Charitable Foundation Trust Scholarship for Olean High School
Donate Lounsbury Adaptive Agency Fund
Donate Mahar Family Foundation Fund
Donate Marjorie and Robert Schaumleffel Rotary Scholarship
Donate Mark J. Prockton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Mary Elizabeth Smith Scholarship
Donate Maryetta's Mission Scholarship Fund
Donate Maureen Curry Inspiration Scholarship
Donate Maureen Curry Olean Food Pantry Community Garden Fund
Donate May C. Carroll Scholarship
Donate Meals on Wheels/Friends of Aging Fund of Cattaraugus County
Donate Mental Wellness in Cattaraugus County Fund
Donate Michele Krahe Peace O.H.S. Scholarship
Donate Mike and Laura Bysiek Memorial Fund
Donate Mildred Milliman Fund
Donate Mountain Sports Fund
Donate Mount View Cemetery Maintenance Fund
Donate Nancy Allen Scholarship
Donate Nelson M. Beard Memorial Scholarship
Donate Nicolas G. Pendl Memorial Scholarship
Donate OHS Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund
Donate OHS Class of 1983 Scholarship Fund
Donate OHS Class of 1995 Scholarship Fund
Donate Olean Business Development Corporation Fund
Donate Olean City School District Foundation Fund
Donate Olean City School District Scholarship Fund
Donate Olean Community Theatre Building Project Fund
Donate Olean Food Pantry Fund
Donate Olean High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
Donate Olean Meditation Center Fund
Donate Olean Parks Beautification Fund
Donate Olean Professional Firefighters Fireworks Fund
Donate Olean Rotary Club Community Improvement Fund
Donate Olean Veterans Wall of Honor Fund
Donate Operating
Donate Operating Endowed Fund
Donate Operation Warm Hearts Inc. Fund
Donate Otto-Eldred Alumni Scholarship
Donate Otto-Eldred Education Foundation Fund
Donate Pat Gostley "Have a Ball!" Fund
Donate Pat McGee Nursing Scholarship
Donate Patricia "Ann" Heister English/Journalism Memorial Scholarship
Donate Patricia McCarthy Memorial Scholarship
Donate Patrick Shinners Memorial Scholarship
Donate Paul and Betty Hanson Career/Technical Scholarship
Donate Paul and Betty Hanson Fund
Donate Paul and Mary Janowicz Memorial Fund
Donate Paul and Mary Lou Wood Foundation Fund
Donate Paul and Mary Lou Wood Foundation Fund for the Franciscan Center for Social Concern
Donate Paul and Mary Lou Wood Swim Scholarship
Donate Pete and Karen Buchheit Family Fund
Donate Pink Pumpkin Project Endowed Fund
Donate Portville College Scholarships Fund
Donate Portville Free Library Endowed Fund
Donate Public Disc Golf Course Fund
Donate RAM Fund of Cattaraugus County
Donate Ratana Ratanawongsa Scholarship
Donate Redding Endowment Fund
Donate Robert E. Hull VMD Memorial Scholarship
Donate Roger S. Niemic Memorial Fund
Donate Rose Pappas Foundation Fund
Donate Ross A. Peters Memorial Fund
Donate Russell F. Greenawalt and Elizabeth Page Greenawalt Scholarship
Donate Samuel Costa Endowment Fund
Donate Santa Claus Lane Fund
Donate Santa Sheriff Fund
Donate Signe H. Johnson Scholarship
Donate Signe, Svenborg, Agnes and Selma Johnson Scholarship
Donate Small Grants for Small Children
Donate Sondra J. Fox Scholarship Fund
Donate Southern Tier Hurricane Relief Fund
Donate Southern Tier Military Support Group Fund
Donate Southern Tier Military Support Group Scholarship
Donate SPCA in Cattaraugus County Fund
Donate Special Response Team Fund
Donate STAB It Foundation Fund
Donate Stitt Family Fund
Donate St. John's Church Endowment Fund
Donate Ten Broeck Academy and Franklinville Central School District Scholarship Fund
Donate The Good Samaritan Award Fund
Donate The McMullen Fund
Donate The McMullen Fund for the Environment
Donate The Pink Pumpkin Project Fund
Donate The Rev. Leo J. Gallina Endowment Fund for St. Bernard of Clairvaux Church
Donate Thomas & Robert Smythe Scholarship
Donate Thomas W. Conklin Sr. Scholarship Fund
Donate Tim Bushnell Memorial Scholarship
Donate Tri-County Arts Council Agency Endowment Fund
Donate Two Joes Scholarship Fund
Donate Tyler Bihler Memorial Scholarship
Donate United Way of Cattaraugus County Inc. Fund
Donate Varma's Legacy Fund
Donate Veggie Wheels Fund
Donate Vergil Sutter Memorial Fund
Donate Visual Arts Alliance Endowment Fund
Donate Walt and Ruth Reisner Endowment Fund
Donate Walter F. and Julia A. Dziekonski Scholarship
Donate William D. and Catherine Griffin Fraser Fund
Donate William H. Schwier Memorial Scholarship
Donate Wing Ski Club Endowment Fund
Donate Wolfinger Family Fund
Donate Woodland in the City Fund
Donate Yehl Family Endowment
Donate YMCA - Dr. Ahmad Hilal & Dr. Naheed Hilal Fund
Donate YMCA - Erick & Marianne Laine Fund
Donate YMCA - Olean YMCA General Fund Donor Designated